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Our client is a leading international flower company in Asia, producing a wide assortment of as well cut flowers as pot plants. The company is known for its excellent quality and innovative range of products. They grow in different countries on different location all carefully selected and well fitted to the assortment they produce. The company is dynamic & ambitious, producing large quantities of superb high quality flowers. They are looking for an experienced C.O.O. Manager for Indonesia to manage their Tissue Culture lab with 200 employees as well as supervising their young starting Chrysanthemum cut flower location. 


• Relevant degree and ideally a MBA (or equivalent management experience)
• Extensive experience of working at a senior level 
• Sales and marketing experience
• Strong verbal and written communication abilities in English, Bahasa Indonesia advantage
• Tropical agriculture/horticulture experience
• Financial and linguistic expertise (Bahasa Indonesia advantageous, or will need to be learnt)
• Team leader – able to interact and drive effective work through teams.
• Experience in managing teams
• Excellent negotiation skills
• Ability to manage and prioritize multiple projects within scheduled timelines
• Enthusiastic about business development
• You take ownership
• Highly organized, self-motivated and hands-on


Manage the Tissue Culture Laboratoria with a staff of 200 employees and manage and expend the production of Chrysanthemum flowers on a recently started new location. The lab location exists already for many years. The actual management will train and assist the candidate at the start. Our client expects that candidate will stimulate and motivate the management and will bring the company to the next level. The goal is to optimize all the processes on both locations and produce environmental friendly for a competitive cost price. Ensuring the financial success of the operations. 

Key Responsibilities:
• Design and implement business operations strategies, plans, and procedures
• Ensure the company is adequately communicating with its customers
• Establish policies that promote company vision and culture
• Oversee the work of production managers from various departments (ERP, cut flower and tc plantlet production, sales and marketing)
• Set performance and growth targets
• Create reports for the managing director
• Assist accounts department with financial projections and budgeting
• Work with HR department to develop and implement career progression programmes for its staff to attract the best applicants and improve employee retention
• Collaborate with the managing director on long-term plans for company growth
• Act as a mentor to all employees
• Motivate staff to meet organizational targets
• Constructively interrogate and manage company costs and identify opportunities to make improvements in terms of efficiency
• Delegate authority to ensure the company has a robust and experienced management team
• Ensure security systems are continually developed (to protect the IP and trade secrets of the company)


Competitive salary with package


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